Introducing The Art of Chocolate review

We love to talk chocolate.  Milk or dark (sometimes white), manufacturers, bars, molded shells vs hand rolled truffles….you name it, we have an opinion.  We also eat a lot of chocolate (go figure!).  So a regular feature you will see on The Art of Chocolate is our 100-point review.  About every week you can expect a review of a chocolate goodie and we will give you the good, the bad and the OMG.

The Art of Chocolate 100-Point review works like this:


Overall Taste: 50 possible points
Quality of Ingredients: 20 possible points
Mouthfeel: 15 possible points
Aroma: 5 possible points
Value: 5 possible points
Presentation: 5 possible points

The Grades

90-100 Must have – A euphoric chocolate experience that makes life worth living
80-89 Excellent – A chocolate of superior quality, taste and value
70-79 Good – This chocolate is worth having on hand for general purposes
60-69 Tolerable – The chocolate won’t kill you but you might want to keep looking
00-59 Abysmal – What the #$@!? Give me my money back

Stay tuned….our first bar review is coming up soon!


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Chris' love of chocolate began long before the creation of The Art of Chocolate. His passion and desire to find the next amazing chocolate indulgence could not go unnoticed by those around him. It was no surprise when Chris retired from a 20+ year career in IT and followed his passion to pursue formal training and education in becoming a Chocolatier. Having trained at the Ecole Chocolat (Vancouver) and Callebaut (Belgium) academies, as well as working with some of the best artisan chocolatiers in North America, Chris and his wife Darcie are dedicated to making the world a bit sweeter. The Art of Chocolate is the culmination of exquisite taste, passion driven craft, and a commitment to excellence.
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